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Navigating faith, homosexuality, and masculinity. Together.

Check Out Our New Resources!

Check out our new resources tab for books, blogs, and podcasts recommended by our authors. We may not necessarily collectively endorse every single resource on this page, but at least a few of us have found these books, blogs, and podcasts particularly helpful in this journey.

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Finding Hope for Relationships and Hope in Jesus

During our inaugural YOBBERS retreat, all attendees were assigned to one of five small groups (“tribes”) whose weekend discussions would focus on each of our five YOB values: hope, humility, brotherhood, courage, and vulnerability. Three of our authors were assigned to the Hope Tribe, along with seven other men. What follows is a conversation sharing some of what we learned that weekend: hope in relationships and hope in Jesus.

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Can Christians Celebrate Pride Month?

June is recognized as LGBT+ Pride Month. It’s a divisive topic in church culture! Should Christians celebrate Pride Month? Should we in this YOB community recognize Pride Month or even attend a Pride parade? Our core authors gathered to talk about Pride Month — our response to it as Christians and particularly as believers with same-sex attraction (SSA).

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Debriefing Our First YOBBERS Retreat!

We recently celebrated our faithful Patreon community, our YOBBERS, with an inaugural retreat. 47 guys from literally all over the world united for a weekend in the mountains, and we had a fantastic time together. Several of our core authors attended the YOBBERS retreat, and we recently debriefed our weekend together.

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Two Years Together: Introducing Our New Site!

Welcome, friend! If you’re reading this post in your inbox, I encourage you to make the jump to our website. It’s a whole new world. Don’t be alarmed. You’re still at Your Other Brothers. You’re still home. Today’s a special day. Today, we celebrate our 2-year anniversary of being a website! More than a blog, […]

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It’s Our 1-Year YOBiversary!

YOU GUYS. IT’S OUR FIRST YOBIVERSARY. Today, Your Other Brothers turns 1 year old! Shh, nobody tell YOB about the puberty years. We’ve still got at least another decade to stifle that awkward conversation. But seriously, what a year it’s been since our first post. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve started a podcast, we’ve hit […]

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Your Other Brothers on The Christian Post!

A few weeks ago, we were thrilled to be interviewed by The Christian Post about this blog, our podcast, and our personal stories of faith, homosexuality, and masculinity. Well, today the interview went live! You can read our article here. Special thanks to Brandon for the awesome write-up! If you’re new to the community since reading our […]

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How You Can Help Your Other Brothers

Hey, brothers! So, today’s an exciting day. For nearly a year, we’ve been blogging and most recently podcasting and videoing. We exist across each of these mediums with one persisting goal in mind: to share our stories of faith, homosexuality, and masculinity. Together. To affirm that you are not alone. Today is special, because today we launch our very own […]

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What’s Coming Soon to YOB

We’re back from a week off the blog, and I’m back from four days spent with nine of my best buds — my fellow bloggers, my brothers, my heroes. We gathered in the Midwest for our second annual summer retreat, and I daresay this year’s gathering was even better than the last. Last year, most […]

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Change is Coming to YOB…

Hello, dear YOBbers, It’s been a joy being editor-at-large for all things YOB these last eight (8!) months. Since our inception, save for some holiday weekends, we’ve been pumping out four posts a week, Monday to Thursday, building this community story by story, comment by comment, month by month. I’ve enjoyed compiling everyone’s posts for the […]

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