A Challenge to Our YOB Readers

So, I’m gonna take a break from my usual stories to talk about something I’ve been observing in the recent posts and comments. The reason why we write about some topics, whether it be Dean’s complimenting the LGBT+ community, or our discussing Pride Month, or Will’s enjoying Queer Eye is because we see a need in the LGBT+ community for Jesus! The LGBT+ community is the only safe place where many gay people can be themselves, because we chased them there. We see that, but some here don’t want to admit it!

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Why I Like “Queer Eye”

The vast majority of “Queer Eye” is not even addressing sex; it is addressing prejudice, shame, and loneliness. I have experienced shame, the idea that I am simply unlovable. I even believed for many years that God hated me, that God himself couldn’t even love me.

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Why I Want to be LGBT: A Follow-Up

If telling someone I’m gay allows me to be a light in their life, then I will do it. If saying I am SSA Side B allows me to be a light in their life, I will do that as well. At the end of the day, my desires are secondary to the Great Commission, God’s call on the life of every Christian.

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