Why I Don't Celebrate Easter
Why I Don’t Celebrate Easter
Like most of you reading I begged, cried, yelled, and tried to "pray the gay away," only to have it all go ignored. For years I thought God ignored me. And if He didn't care about me, why should I acknowledge Him and His Son?
Why I'm Not Giving Up Masturbation for Lent
Why I’m Not Giving Up Masturbation for Lent
I'm not sure the "vulnerability hangover" has ever hit me as strongly with a blog as it did that one. It's been one thing to confess I'm attracted to men as a sort of "blanket confession" for all the world to see; it's another to invite people into the specific workings of my sexuality. Particularly with something as personal and hardly-talked-about as masturbation.
Why I Observe Lent, Even in My Failure
Why I Observe Lent, Even in My Failure
I have entered the season of Lent. We observe Lent in many different ways within the YOB community, depending on our observances to the liturgical calendar and whether our denominations are liturgically focused. Whether you are or aren't Lent-observant, this season presents an opportunity to deepen our relationships with God and others, especially family and those close to us.
Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 026
YOB ConvoCast 026: You & the Lord on Good Friday 2021
You cannot get to an empty tomb without first getting to an occupied cross. It is finished.
A Conversation with Your Other Brothers in This Pandemic
A Conversation with Your Other Brothers in This Pandemic
With most of the U.S. and much of the world in quarantine or shelter-in-place due to COVID-19, we gathered our featured authors for a conversation on the challenges and calls to growth through these strange times. We hope you feel a little less alone in joining our conversation.
YOB ConvoCast 012: Tom & Dean and the “Of Course, Tom” Face!
Tom welcomes back Dean to talk about Easter egg hunts in quarantine, Tom’s eggs, killing cacti, more TikTok talk, the IRS stimulus checks, and Dean’s love for Pastor Matt, AKA Weird Jesus.
YOB ConvoCast 010: Tom & Matt Wanna See a Drive-In Movie!
Tom welcomes back Matt to talk about his family’s recently held funeral service and his church’s drive-in Easter service. Tom also marvels that Matt’s never seen “Parks and Recreation” as they joke about the Native American character in the show, and the guys plan their next get-together in New Mexico or North Carolina when this whole pandemic passes over.
YOB ConvoCast 009: Tom & Nate Talk TikTok and Survivor!
Tom welcomes back Nate for his second ConvoCast! They talk about criss-crossing walkers on the street during this pandemic, Tom's ever-changing facial hair, the creative magic of TikTok, and Nate’s newfound passion for liturgy. The guys also devote a healthy few minutes to their beloved reality show of 40 seasons: Survivor.
YOB ConvoCast 008: You & the Lord on Good Friday 2020
It’s Good Friday of this Easter weekend while the coronavirus pandemic continues plaguing the world. Rather than distract ourselves with another conversation, Tom takes this opportunity to explain what Good Friday means to him and invites you to listen to some Scripture and intentionally spend this Easter weekend seeking the Lord through this darkness.
Navigating Faith, Homosexuality, and Masculinity. On Easter.
Navigating Faith, Homosexuality, and Masculinity. On Easter.
It's Easter season, and I've been reflecting on the meaning of the cross. Not just the meaning of the cross for the bigger picture of salvation for humanity, but also the tangible effects the cross has been having on me.