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I happily follow Jesus Christ, who is worth everything He costs! My writing tends to focus on the topic of friendships with other guys, and I am currently the oldest author on YOB.

When Grief Tests a Friendship

He wanted me to be a man, to be tough, emotionally disciplined and not giving in to my grief. After all, we should consider ourselves like soldiers in battle who can’t afford to stop and grieve when someone dies. I couldn’t fully process everything at the time, but you can imagine how I felt as a sensitive guy.

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When a Friendship Gets Tested

All these ups and downs often caused me emotional pain. I had to take risks rather than stay safe and comfortable. My SSA made me feel weak and ineffective around all these straight guys. These painful things tested my friendship with James, too.

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How an Alpha Male Became My Close Friend

A straight and very strong “alpha male” type leader has constantly challenged me to go beyond what is safe and comfortable to accomplish more of what really matters. We started becoming close friends, so I shared with him that I deal with same-sex attraction.

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The Thing I Learned from My Friend’s Addiction

This is the fourth part in the story of my eventful and often strange friendship with Jake. You can read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. As soon as I met Jake, I saw that he had issues with drug and alcohol addiction. I knew his addiction could get worse, but I had no idea […]

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YOBcast Episode 023: Pornography

What is pornography? How early did we discover pornography, how has it evolved over the generations, and how do we combat it? Tom and Elliott welcome back Marshall for a long overdue conversation on pornography — particularly gay pornography. We discuss the definition of the term, our first exposures to pornography, and what we do […]

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How I Make Friends as an Older Single Guy

As you might know, I am currently the oldest author on Your Other Brothers and a single man with no expectation of marriage. I once overheard a housemate talking about a guy in my situation. He’d said, “I thought he was supposed to be lonely and depressed!” I am an older, single guy, but I […]

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YOBcast Episode 019: 1-Year Podcast Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe the YOBcast has now existed for an entire year! In this special anniversary episode, Tom and Elliott and six additional blogging brothers unite for a fun hour of reminiscing over the last year and ponder the age-old question: if you could push a big red button and erase your homosexuality, would you […]

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When Should I Hug Another Guy?

Like many other guys who deal with same-sex attraction, I really appreciate affection expressed by physical touch. Especially hugs. For me, hugs are never sexual — just a way to show Christian love. But not all guys feel comfortable hugging another guy. So, when should I hug another guy or a male friend? The answer […]

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Questioning My Friend’s Sexuality

This is my third post featuring the wild ride of my friendship with Jake. Check out Part 1 and Part 2. After Jake started trusting me, he opened up and shared his inner thoughts and difficult past experiences. I began to wonder if he was same-sex attracted when he talked about not having a girlfriend. […]

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