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Christmastime Cuddling and the Muddling of Touch
Christmastime Cuddling and the Muddling of Touch
How was this past Christmas reinvigorated for me? Well, this song helped clarify the good parts of my sexuality related to human touch, deeply rooted in the natural instinct common to all humans since birth. I was born with a longing to be comforted, to be held, to be swaddled, to be cuddled. As I've aged, those same good touch instincts were partially absorbed by my sexuality, and now they're muddled.
YOB ConvoCast 077: Tom & Dawson Create New Christmas Traditions!
YOB ConvoCast 077: Tom & Dawson Create New Christmas Traditions!
Dawson returns to help Tom celebrate Christmas this year! Dawson shares why he celebrates Christmas in February in addition to December, and Tom tells a Christmas tale of the first man he ever feared. We reference the "Fancy Christmas" recently spent with our YOBBERS community, including someone’s goal to appreciate Jesus’ humanity during what can be a complicated, if not lonely Christmas season.
Am I Masculine Enough? A "Barbie" Reflection
Am I Masculine Enough? A “Barbie” Reflection
This complicated relationship with masculinity has followed me throughout my life, especially as I've gradually come to terms with what it means to be a gay man following Jesus. Even now, I struggle to use the word "man" to describe myself. I can come to terms with the word "gay" or the word "Christian," but "man" doesn't feel like something I am.
YOB ConvoCast 073: Tom & Jesse are KENOUGH, Reviewing "Barbie"!
YOB ConvoCast 073: Tom & Jesse are KENOUGH, Reviewing “Barbie”!
Jesse returns to discuss the summer’s biggest, if not most polarizing box office hit, Barbie! Tom reads off some community feedback from our Discord as we dive into hyperfemininity versus hypermasculinity, individuality versus relationships, and all the funny, moving moments from this film.
The Weird, Enduring Friendship from "The Disaster Artist"
The Weird, Enduring Friendship from “The Disaster Artist”
At first I thought the book would be an interesting "tell-all" about the making of the film, but what I got was a provoking, hilarious, disturbing, and twisted foray into the relationship between Greg and Tommy.
YOB ConvoCast 062: Tom & Adam Ponder Why Queer People Love SURVIVOR!
YOB ConvoCast 062: Tom & Adam Ponder Why Queer People Love SURVIVOR!
Adam returns to discuss another of his (and Tom's) greatest loves: Survivor! We share our origin stories with this beloved reality show that's been airing since 2000. We spend the bulk of the episode pondering why Survivor has attracted a strong LGBTQ following over the years. Why do queer people love the show, and why do queer contestants generally do well on the show? Is survival in the game connected to survival outside the game? To close the episode, Tom and Adam share their favorite players from the first couple episodes of the currently airing season, Survivor 44! We also wonder whether our beloved show will ever feature a Side B queer contestant?
The First Relationship I Didn't Know I Wanted
The First Relationship I Didn’t Know I Wanted
All the other gay films I'd watched were nice, but this was the first gay film I watched and thought: I wish I knew what it was like to be in a relationship. All the other men I've ended up with were only about sex. I didn't care about them or their feelings, much like the son at the beginning of this film. This film brought up feelings I never knew I even had or wanted, for that matter.
Your Other Brothers Podcast | 093: LGBT+ Media
YOBcast 093: LGBT+ Media
We have been blogging and podcasting a lot lately about gay characters or themes in various shows, films, and other media. Should we as Jesus-followers who may also identify as LGBT+ but also follow a traditional sexual ethic be consuming LGBT+ media? What are the potential benefits and costs, and where is the line between what is beneficial, acceptable, distracting, or harmful? How do we interact, if at all, with LGBT+ media? Join Tom, Ryan, and Aaron for this final (for now) discussion on the pros and cons and nuanced middle of LGBT+ media consumption!
Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 043
YOB ConvoCast 043: Tom & Alex Love “Love, Victor”!
Tom welcomes YOBBER Alex to bask in the Hulu show Love, Victor, which follows the events of the movie Love, Simon. Alex shares why he loves this show so much, including the racial dynamic with Victor as a half-Puerto Rican, half-Columbian guy and himself as half-Thai. They also discuss one particular episode of the show that features Simon's LGBT+ community in New York. Couldn't churches learn from how this community values family, showing love to a so-called stranger in Victor? And could there ever be a Side B show like this one where Victor finds a community like YOB??
Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 042
YOB ConvoCast 042: Tom & Eugene Debate the Gayness of “Luca”!
Tom welcomes back YOB film aficionado Eugene to discuss a recent community favorite: Luca by Pixar! We cut right to the chase with this film: is there anything gay about it? Are either, or both, of the main characters gay? How does our sexuality influence the way we watch this film? Will there be a Luca 2? Do we want a sequel? If we get one, how open are we to exploring Luca and Alberto’s sexualities? Or would such a future plot rob anything from their friendship?