After a months-long hiatus of the show, Tom updates everyone on his new medical condition. Ryan and Jacob also join the show to share moments of gratitude from these last few months of the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, the guys look back on their entire lives and recount moments of gratitude in their journeys with faith, homosexuality, and masculinity.

We hope you enjoy our latest episode below: GRATITUDE.

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Enjoy our GRATITUDE episode! And don’t forget to comment below. We’d love to hear from you. We’re with you.

What highlights and blessings have you experienced during this long and hard coronavirus pandemic? For what specific moments or new perspectives are you grateful in your journeys of faith, homosexuality, and masculinity?



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  • Listening to y’all while the waves are crashing all around me. But, praise God, I could recognize I’m not alone, there are good men right here, and I don’t need the deception that being shoved into my mind. You’re a light in the darkness and lifeline when i needed one, God bless you all.

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