A Good Little Christian Boy Goes to Sexaholics Anonymous
A Good Little Christian Boy Goes to Sexaholics Anonymous
Sexaholics Anonymous fits perfectly into my life now. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, only that you have a desire to stop lusting.
Never Guilty About My Hookups
Never Guilty About All My Hookups
You might be wondering, "Did you ever feel any guilt or shame about having sex with all these guys, all these hookups?" Honestly, I never did!
What is an addict?
What is an Addict?
Today marks a special and pivotal turning point here at Your Other Brothers. For the last four-plus months, we've been bringing you four blog posts a week from me and my same-sex attracted brothers the world over. We've seen incremental site growth from week to week and month to month, and lately it's starting to feel like a family in here. I couldn't be more pleased with the last four-plus months. I speak on behalf of all my other brothers when I say thank you for joining us on this strange new journey. With every passing month, it feels less and less strange. Today is special, because it brings to life a vision planted at the start: a new medium to broadcast our stories. The written word is great -- I personally adore blogging -- but sometimes, the written word can only go so far. Here at YOB, we want to share our stories however we...
5 Times I've Felt Like a Man
5 Times I’ve Felt Like a Man
So often I lament my lifelong disconnect from the male species and my own innate lack of manhood, I tend to neglect or even forget the numerous times I have felt like a man.
I'm a Real Boy
I’m a Real Boy
Sometimes I feel like Pinocchio when he proclaims, "I'm a real boy." I need men, so that I might become a man myself.
Why I'm Afraid to Take Off My Shirt
Why I’m Afraid to Take Off My Shirt
Somewhere around seventh grade, I told my family I hated swimming. The real reason was just too silly and shameful. I hated having to take off my shirt.
Please, Don't Pity My Story
Please, Don’t Pity My Story
Don't ever pity me or my story. I WANT to do this! I'm always excited to write something new for you guys, even if it's one of the uglier parts of my life.
Learning to Worship God, not Guys
Learning to Worship God, Not Guys
I got more involved in a small group as others would worship God. There was an amazing sense of community. I knew I was not alone in my Christian life!
Redefining My Best Friend
Redefining My Best Friend
I was the problem in this friendship. I refused to let him be anything less than my absolute closest friend. And I said I was sorry.
Who's in Your Deep Dark Secret Club?
Who’s in Your Deep Dark Secret Club?
Back when I was blogging anonymously about same-sex attraction and other struggles, I coined my own term: my Deep Dark Secret Club. They knew everything.