YOB ConvoCast 072: Tom Feels Androsexual and Recaps the Series with Erin!
YOB ConvoCast 072: Tom Feels Out “Androsexual” and Recaps the Series with Erin!
We finish our SPANNING THE SPECTRUM sexuality series by learning more of Tom’s story as Erin returns to take over hosting duties! Tom shares a new term he’s still feeling out for himself: androsexual, or an attraction to masculinity. He shares about his attraction for mostly straight men, going all the way back to another boy in first grade. He also discusses being on the asexual spectrum and the shame of “missing out” on such a significant part of the human experience. To close this episode, Tom and Erin look back on the previous 9 episodes of this series, giving love to all our wonderful contributors!
YOB ConvoCast 071: Erin Resonates with Queer Culture and Pansexuality
YOB ConvoCast 071: Erin Resonates with Queer Culture and Pansexuality
Erin returns to help us SPAN THE SPECTRUM of our community from a woman's perspective! Sexuality aside, Erin discusses a general resonance with queer culture and then explains how her sexuality most aligns with pansexuality: an attraction for people regardless of gender. She also discloses being somewhere on the asexual (ace) spectrum. Erin shares some of her journey of self-discovery with sexuality, growing up in purity culture as a woman, living in Cambodia doing missions work, eventually dating men, and getting back to America on the other side of a pandemic.
Embracing a New Liturgical Faith After Revoice and YOB Retreats
Embracing a New Liturgical Faith After Revoice and YOB Retreats
Perhaps it was the touch of melancholy in me that many other "Side B" Christians also feel, or simply being a disabled man, or maybe even a combination of the two – the fact that I have often felt both a physical and mental peace listening to classical music. Whatever it was, my soul felt ministered to in a previously unknown way.
That Time Another Side B Guy Sexted Me on Facebook Messenger
You know, after fifteen years of blogging about gay things and masculine things and all the other intermingled, messy faith things, I often feel like I've run out of stories to tell here. Gay kisses, wet dreams, fetishes – what on earth is there left to say?? Ah, but then I wake up one day and suddenly remember that time another "Side B" guy from a Facebook group asked if he could do something to my genitals. Ah, yes – a new story to tell. Glory be.
A "Side B Manifesto" for Pride Month and Beyond
A “Side B Manifesto” for Pride Month and Beyond
I've thought a lot about writing a manifesto for Side B people. In fact, I've written multiple drafts of a manifesto for a few years now, but I've never been satisfied with the result. In the end, I figured I should get one of those drafts out there, so that people can imagine what Side B Gay people are advocating for. So, here it incomplete rough draft of the Side B Manifesto.
The Gift of Your Other Brothers
The Gift of Love in Your Other Brothers
YOB gave me hope, because even though I was 55 years old I had struggled accepting myself since my teen years. I had never seen myself as anything but subhuman, unworthy, and a complete reprobate because I had feelings and desires for other men.
Your Other Brothers Podcast | 107: Discipleship
YOBcast 107: Discipleship
We conclude our 7-values series by exploring our other "ship" of discipleship! How do we define this spiritual term? Is discipleship meant only for our own growth, or is our discipleship also for the people around us? How organized or structured must discipleship of believers look? And how have we felt disqualified from discipling others in their walks with Jesus because of our sexuality?
Your Other Brothers Podcast | 106: Kinship
YOBcast 106: Kinship
Once upon a time, Your Other Brothers held to the value of brotherhood! But we've since shifted this value to one of kinship. Why the change? What does kinship evoke, both for this life and the next, and how do we build or "practice" this value of kinship? When have we felt that sense of belonging outside our blood family, and when have we felt the opposite with our sexuality and masculinity, as strangers and aliens?
The Weird, Enduring Friendship from "The Disaster Artist"
The Weird, Enduring Friendship from “The Disaster Artist”
At first I thought the book would be an interesting "tell-all" about the making of the film, but what I got was a provoking, hilarious, disturbing, and twisted foray into the relationship between Greg and Tommy.
YOB ConvoCast 061: Tom & Marshall Gossip About His Married Housemates!
YOB ConvoCast 061: Tom & Marshall Gossip About His Married Housemates!
Tom responds to Marshall's latest YOB blog about his straight male friends who have endured beyond their marriages to women. Marshall shares about the feelings he recently fielded watching housemate James get married, as well as catching up with old friend Ben who has a child now. Marshall also dishes about his friendship with another married housemate. Ultimately, how does Marshall stay upbeat about friendships once those wedding vows are exchanged?