YOBcast 056: Pornography
Do we talk about pornography too much as the Church or not nearly enough? Do we "talk about talking about" pornography or do we actually talk about it? Pornography is more accessible than ever before and, increasingly, more aggressive. It's a struggle and an addiction that has reached and claimed all people: gay, straight, men, and women. Join Tom, Ryan, and Jacob as we take a deep dive into the science and story of pornography. It's one of our classic episodes that we're reopening in a new way.
What Attracts Me to Other Guys
What Attracts Me to Other Guys
My attraction for men tilts more toward the emotional and physical rather than anything sexual, and I've been wired this way my whole life. So, what does it mean to be physically but not sexually attracted to other men? It's a question I get a lot, a distinction worth clarifying.
I Used to Hate Gay People
I Used to Hate Gay People
I couldn't be like these people. They seemed like the antithesis of everything I stood for. Finding out that the Bible forbade homosexual sex only fueled my self-righteous anger. To assert my masculinity and avoid being labeled gay at all costs, I joined my other straight male classmates in mocking gay people.
Let's Talk About Bro Cuddling
Let’s Talk About Bro Cuddling
Most of these cuddling experiences transcend the physical and begin to feel more spiritual. We aren’t just touching bodies; we’re touching souls.
The First Guy Who Ever Tried to Kiss Me
The First Guy Who Ever Tried to Kiss Me
I've written before about having never been kissed. But that doesn't mean someone's never tried to kiss me.
I've Never Wanted to Have Sex With Another Man
I’ve Never Wanted to Have Sex with Another Man
I don't want sex with another man like I don't want sex with a woman. And most days I just need someone to tell me that's okay.
Losing My Sexual Sobriety
Losing My Sexual Sobriety
I lost my sexual sobriety because I went in search of shortcuts to intimacy with other men. I knew it wouldn't satisfy. Just like all the other times.
I'm Almost 30 and I've Never Been Kissed
I’m Almost 30 and I’ve Never Been Kissed
Among myriad other losses I could mourn about, I consider how I'm almost 30 and ache over this lack-of-experience that I've never been kissed.
I've Always Wanted a Big Brother
I’ve Always Wanted a Big Brother
My whole life I've wanted the love of a big brother. I've always wanted to press into someone bigger than me, someone stronger, someone wiser. A big brother to hold me, a big brother to comfort me, a big brother to tell me everything will be okay because he's right there and he's not going to let me go.