The Supernatural episode sits in the middle of the series — two brothers trying to prevent two witches from destroying a city. These two witches, a married man and woman, are going through a pretty severe quarrel. It’s the usual witchy love story: man cheats on wife, wife kills all of man’s friends, man kills wife’s best friend and destroys her art gallery.

Typically, the episode would end with the two brothers killing the witches. Not this time though. This time, they actually save the day by helping the witches save their marriage. In a comical scene where the witches beat up Sam and Dean as the brothers offer much needed marriage counseling, the couple forgives each other and chooses to stop fighting and destroying their city.

Post-fight, Sam and Dean have an interesting talk that’s resonated with me. Check it out:

While I agree with Sam, I find myself living like Dean. Heck, I tell people the same thing Sam does.
“Go, talk it out! It’ll be ok! Your loved one will receive whatever you have to say without judgment. You can trust them. Just be honest!”

In practice, though, I refuse to tell people when they’ve hurt me. I lie to people about being okay when I’m not. I live the exact opposite of what I preach.

I’m a hypocrite.

At least Dean admitted he doesn’t talk or like talking; meanwhile, I claim to like it. And I’ll let people talk to me all day long. I love listening to others! But when it’s my turn to speak, I bite my tongue till it bleeds.

I haven’t destroyed any cities yet. But I wonder what I am on the verge of destroying. Maybe some friendships? Maybe what little relationship I have with my family? Perhaps even my marriage or my future parent-child relationship?

What am I in danger of ruining by my hypocrisy?

Are you a talker or a listener? Do you wrestle with not being vulnerable enough or too vulnerable? Do you struggle with saying “I’m okay” when you’re really not?

* Photo courtesy josemanuelerre, Creative Commons.


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