After planning a digital retreat for our supporters, enjoying a few weeks of some holiday rest, and rebuilding our website with a new theme, we’re finally ready to get back into a regular rhythm with our content! Thank you for your patience, dear readers and listeners.

We’re still working out some kinks with our new website, so let us know if you encounter any issues as you click around! We’re excited for the new theme, because it’s our most mobile-friendly site yet. More and more folks are visiting our site on their phones, so we hope you enjoy a more seamless mobile experience with YOB than ever before!

Content-wise, here’s what we plan to commit to for the foreseeable future:


We want to publish at least one new blog every week, if not two per week as the year progresses. Our blog has always been the backbone of this site, and we want to recommit to a regular posting schedule now that we have our new site up and running!


We recently eclipsed a new goal with our Patreon support, so we plan to produce a new podcast every week! Generally, we’ll alternate week to week with our flagship hour-long show, Your Other Brothers Podcast, and our 20-minute show, the YOB ConvoCast. We also have our bonus podcast, The YOBaLOGUE, which releases with new episodes monthly for our Patreon supporters. Whether you’re into longer or shorter recordings, we plan to post something fresh for you every week!


Our videos have been posted sporadically, at best, save for all of our podcasts and benedictions which also get uploaded to our YouTube channel. In any case, we’d love it if you subscribed to our channel as we follow a new quarterly rhythm for video releases, featuring community announcements and affirmations. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for our first video of 2021 and the longtime coming of YOB merch to our site!


Our YOBBERS community is becoming more and more “the thing” YOB is known for, and indeed exist for, even beyond our blog, podcast, and video channel. We recently launched a private Discord server for our patrons to pair with our secret Facebook group which has been running since 2016. We now hold three Zoom events per month (two relating to podcast topics, as well as a monthly book club), a monthly Facebook Live broadcast, and a monthly “Tom Time” for patrons to connect one-on-one with our editor, Tom.

Despite the seeming two month “break,” YOB has never been busier! We’ve come a long way since our inception as a simple blog in 2015. We’re grateful for each follower, and we’re grateful for each supporter, financial or otherwise.

YOB couldn’t exist after all these years without you fine folks. Thanks for sharing in the community and the effort. We keep hearing more and more stories of people finding YOB because a friend or mentor shared this site with them. We’re excited to continue growing and for whatever lies ahead!

And hopefully we don’t need to update our theme for at least another 15 years.

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