Gender identity isn’t something we’ve been brave enough to tackle on our podcast — until now.

Join Tom, Ryan, and Jacob as we welcome Dr. Preston Sprinkle to the show to talk about his new book, Embodied: Transgender Identities, the Church, and What the Bible Has to Say. We talk about the challenge and hospitality of using people’s pronouns, the layered concept of what some would say it means to be “truly trans*,” the spectrum of gender dysphoria, masculine and feminine stereotypes, intersex people, and how the Church can do better.

It’s our first episode of 2021, and we’re so glad to be back! We hope this special guest episode is worth the wait of our long winter break while we revamped our website.

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Enjoy the episode! And don’t forget to comment below. We’d love to hear from you. We’re with you.

Do you experience gender dysphoria or identify as trans*? Have you questioned your gender identity or felt like “less of” a man or woman? Did you learn anything previously not known or understood from our conversation with Preston Sprinkle? Do you have any trans* people in your life, and how can the Church be better?



About the Author

  • What a trip hearing to of my favorite Christian podcast hosts together! And such a great topic too! It is still a challenge for me to connect with the tramsgender community and I really appreciate the conversation in this pod.

    Also…XKid7 here! Honestly….when I wrote the review, it was my first time writing on Apple podcasts and I didn’t even know I had this username from when I was 13 still. But yes, it was definitely a reference to X-men.

    • Aw, thanks XKid7! So fun to see the mystery revealed with your comment. Really do appreciate your taking the time to write that review. And thanks for the kind words on the episode! Preston is one of my favorite content-creators, both with his books and his podcast (and the zillion other things he does). Thanks for listening and supporting!

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