Howdy, friends! Time for an exciting update to the community. We just launched our brand new monthly bonus podcast, The YOBaLOGUE: it’s sort of an “epilogue” to our regular show and a continuing dialogue with you, our faithful followers, featuring listener calls, comment feedback, cut content, and more.

We’ll debut these episodes every month just for Patreon supporters, but here’s a 20-minute sample of our 40-minute premiere! In which I suffocate while recording in my studio wardrobe (slash hoping I fall into Narnia).

In this teaser, I read some podcast comments that prompt a personal story about mud wrestling, meeting up with other SSA/gay-identifying people of faith, and a bit of bonus content featuring intro/outro outtakes from my brother, Andy.

Consider supporting YOB on Patreon for as little as $1/month to catch all new YOBaLOGUE episodes as they release, along with additional behind-the-scenes content: podcasts, videos, images, and more.

Comment below or shoot me an email if you have any questions about Patreon:

Much love, my brothers! Enjoy the teaser:

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