Many folks in our community bear wounds and baggage from churches, be it local bodies or broader denominations. What do we do with our church angst? How should we rightly frame our motivations or expectations for attending church as gay or SSA-identifying folks?

Join Tom, Ryan, and Aaron as he makes his YOBcast debut, as we share our journeys of finding, connecting, and serving in the local church — with all the hope and angst in between. We hope you enjoy the episode!


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What’s your current level of hope or angst with the local church? Do you go to church, find connection in the church, and/or serve in the church? We’d love to hear some of your church journey.

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  • I wish that the podcasts would stick to the topic. The majority of the podcasts that I’ve listened to have too much back and forth chit chat. It detracts from talking about important topics. There is too much chit chat already out there in the community. We need more targeted conversation for fellowship and support of our brothers. So far, I’m disappointed with the podcasts.

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