Is fashion just for women, or can men enjoy fashion too? Is it “gay” or “metrosexual” to dress well or put a certain amount of effort into our wardrobe choices? How did we dress ourselves through adolescence, and what impacts how we dress ourselves today?

Join Tom, Ryan, and Matt for a particular podcast topic Matt has been wanting us to discuss for years. We hope you enjoy the episode!


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What goes into your fashion choices (or lack thereof) as a man? Do you ever worry about “looking gay” or “too gay”? How has your fashion journey evolved from adolescence to today?

About the Author

  • I was never satisfied with the way I dressed while growing up to today at the age of 35. I see clothes that look great on other guys that would never look good on me. I have no fashion sense. I have practically no wardrobe really. I’ve looked into stores looking at clothes just to see what would look okay on me but I have so much insecurity with the way I look (I’ve always have) that it appears that nothing, no clothing out there looks good on me. I have no friends so I don’t know anyone to help me go into a store and challenge me to see what item of clothing is for me or isn’t for me. It’s something I wish someone would do for me. Clothing that I try on in stores either don’t fit my frame or fit it so much that belly fat protrudes that makes me feel worse. I don’t know what to do.

    • If there’s anything I’ve learned from Queer Eye, it’s that clothing can look good on literally any body type! That’s where it’s fun to experiment with different styles and sizes in dressing rooms. I know physical insecurity can be a deep-seeded thing, though, and it can be hard even to say something looks “adequate” on you, let alone “great.” Working out and therapy have gone a long way for me on those fronts, personally. Showing myself grace for my insecurities or shortcomings, real or imagined, will be a lifelong endeavor.

  • Thanks to this podcast, I pulled a shirt out of my closet that I ignored there for a year since I didn’t think it would look good on me. Well, I just made it look good on me.

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