We open the scroll on our favorite Scripture stories once again, this time with Tom being joined by Ryan and Aaron! We discuss several Old Testament stories like Abraham and Isaac, Jonah, Hosea and Gomer, and Mephibosheth, as well as some New Testament stories like the man born blind, and Jesus and John at the Last Supper. How do these stories hit us in the crosshairs of our faith, sexuality, and masculinity?

We spend some time catching up on our summer trips after a long break! Aaron went to Yankees games and Broadway shows in New York, and Ryan survived a trip to Mexico without any sickness or sunburn.

Enjoy this second part of our big comeback episode! And please, if you would, call the YOBline before our big 100th episode celebration and let us know any favorite podcast moments or why you enjoy our show!



What are some of your favorite stories from Scripture that speak to your journey with faith, homosexuality, and masculinity?

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