Is masturbation sinful? What if it’s done without lusting? Is masturbation “solo-sex” or “self-sex,” and does it breech God’s design for sexuality? What does the Bible have to say, if anything, about masturbation?

Masturbation isn’t an oft discussed topic in Christian circles, with many folks describing their childhood discovery of masturbation as if they had been the first ones ever to discover such a secret bodily pleasure. As a result of this secrecy, masturbation has produced a lot of shame for men and women.

Regardless where you land on this issue, we want to break down this shame. Join Tom, Ryan, and Matt as we discuss a classic episode redone and share our vantage points on masturbation. We hope this episode gives a little more light to bless you in this journey.


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Keeping your comments PG-13 or below, how did you discover masturbation? Did you experience this topic discussed at home or in school? Where have you “landed” on the morality of masturbation, or is it a grey area?

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  • Hi Tom….just found your podcast the other day and it is really special……so much wish that something like this existed when I was young and your age. Just wanted to say how very powerful your ending prayer or words were at the end of this masturbation podcast…..will want and need to listen to that over and over again. God bless you and the guys

    • So glad you found us, Greg! Always means a ton to hear from folks who find our community. I hope the other episodes and posts here can bless you on this journey, too. And thanks for the kind words about the benediction! It’s a joy to piece those together most episodes.

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