Matthew makes his first appearance on the podcast after writing a couple guest blogs for us! He currently serves on YOB’s leadership team and is, in his own words: “just a plain old gay.” He’s been active in the YOB community for years, but why did it take so long for him to share his story publicly? He opens up about his long road of coming out to himself before he could ever come out to other people, referencing his Enneagram Three shame with authenticity and difficult emotions. He talks about taking metaphorical trips to the desert to lament his dreams of marriage, family, ministry, purpose, and influence, and he also beams about his sexuality’s blessings, including a moment leading worship at his first YOBBERS retreat in 2021. Join us as we continue SPANNING THE SPECTRUM of sexuality in our community! We hope you feel heard and seen, all you plain old gays out there.



Do you feel unremarkable as a “plain old gay”? Where have you seen God lessen or break your shame, and use your sexuality for His glory?

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