Erin returns to help us SPAN THE SPECTRUM of our community from a woman’s perspective! She updates us on her developments with Your Other Sisters, including a pivotal experience at Revoice this summer where she met some prospective YOS members as well as fellow YOB members for the first time. Sexuality aside, Erin discusses a general resonance with queer culture and then explains how her sexuality most aligns with pansexuality: an attraction for people regardless of gender. She also discloses being somewhere on the asexual (ace) spectrum. Erin shares some of her journey of self-discovery with sexuality, growing up in purity culture as a woman, living in Cambodia doing missions work, eventually dating men, and getting back to America on the other side of a pandemic. It’s our penultimate episode of this summer sexuality series as we soon wrap things up with our finale!

Erin’s Pirates of the Caribbean costume:

Erin's Pirates of the Caribbean costume



Do you resonate more with queer culture than straight culture? How did purity culture shape your sexuality and sense of self-worth? Does pansexuality also best fit your sexuality?

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