Keegan returns to the podcast after two and a half years to give another perspective on bisexuality in this SPANNING THE SPECTRUM sexuality series. He shares what resonated with Alex’s bi episode, like the concept of “bi panic,” along with how he contrasted with the conversation as well, such as feeling like a “minority of a minority” in our YOB community. He tells his story of coming to grips with bisexuality, including how YOB played a role in this revelation. Tom and Keegan also bond over recently hanging out in person for the first time!



Are you bisexual? What resonates or contrasts with your story? Do you feel like a “minority of a minority” in Side B circles?

About the Author

  • I resonated with both Alex and Keegan’s stories of being bisexually attracted and Christian, but of course there were some nuances and I have some thoughts and areas where I would differ based on experience and other matters. I have been trying to navigate this conversation being within the multi-ethnic church planting world in predominantly white and majority-minority, predominantly Black contexts.

    • Thanks for listening and sharing, Kainan. The thing I love about this series is learning all the ways our stories both unite and diverge. I love how diverse we are despite a lot of commonalities, faith-wise and sexuality-wise.

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