This is the continuing story of my midlife crisis which started when a deep sense of dissatisfaction drove me to make big changes and start a new life.

After tutoring my friend’s son in high school chemistry and algebra, I saw many kids in his Christian school who were very far from God. These kids were amazingly skilled at deceiving their parents that they were good Christians; meanwhile, they sneaked around using drugs, having sex, bullying other kids, and otherwise behaving in ways that proved their faith was far from genuine.

I volunteered to tutor more kids and even occasionally substituted as a teacher in the school. I ended up getting to know many of them well enough that they trusted me and confessed stuff they wouldn’t tell their parents.

When some of these “bad kids” moved into my friend’s condo, I ended up in the middle of a giant mess. The kids’ sins got exposed for all to see.

The kids on one side trusted me; on the other side, the parents and even our church pastors grew suspicious of me. I suspect my same-sex attraction (SSA) might have had something to do with it.

After a lot of talking back and forth, things did settle down. But at least one of these high school boys actually did turn from his sin and became a genuine Christian.

I knew I had definitely found my calling!

I actually had a significant dream one night. A high school student was calling my name and asking me for help.

Waking up, I intuitively knew that I should devote as much time and energy as possible to pointing the younger generation to Jesus Christ!

I ended up leaving my job and tutoring full-time.

I also left my comfortable house and lived with some of the younger adult guys who’d asked me to move in with them.

My midlife crisis had kicked off a new life that was no longer safe and comfortable. But it was good!

I felt God’s pleasure over my giving myself to what really mattered. Really, my new adventures were just starting!

How have you gotten outside yourself to serve others? When have you escaped safe and comfortable, and how did it kick off a new life with something better?

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