For the last year, our website has been in a state of transition (whether knownst or unbeknownst to you). We’re still tinkering with various pages and features, but the bulk of our third redesign in five years just happened with a brand new header, logo, and color scheme!

A huge shout-out to Wesley Ayers for his hard work in designing our new look. Consider supporting him on Patreon as he pursues more of his artistic, storytelling passions!

As to the brand new header, here’s what it all means:


It’s pencil-drawn. Our story is one fraught with mistakes and course-correcting. Praise God no misstep is permanent; redemption and new life are here, written in our midst.


Our roots, our foundation, our everything is anchored in Jesus. Christ is the trunk from where our stories stem and our community grows outward.
Your Other Brothers: Branches


Many of them rub against or even around the others. We’re alike. We’re very different. We’re all in this journey together.
Your Other Brothers: Leaves


They’re storybook pages. We’re adding to our collective and individual stories daily, with many more branches yet to bud and be written. We’re grateful for the highs and lows of our past, and we’re expectant and excited for what the future holds.
Your Other Brothers: Sparrows


Have we mentioned lately that even a sparrow finds a home? Whether you’ve found yourself flying with a flock or totally solo, you have a home here with us. We’ve had community members with us from the start; we’ve had others leave the fold for a time and then return. We’ve heard from gay/SSA folks all around the world, and we’ve shared our community with straight friends and ministry leaders alike.

Nestle in our midst for a while or maybe fly out and spread the word, boldly sharing your story in the process. Always know that you have a refuge here with us.

You are not alone. Even the sparrow finds a home.

Whether you’re new to these parts or have been around since we were saplings, thanks for participating in this journey! Here’s to the future being written before our eyes . . .


    We are Your Other Brothers: a storytelling tribe navigating issues of faith, homosexuality, and masculinity. Together.

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