The beginning of a new year often leads us to new physical fitness routines (including starting one). But so many of us have difficult relationships with working out: wounds from high school locker rooms, daunting equipment, comparing ourselves with the other men around us, and ultimately dissatisfaction with our own bodies. Are these hard things worth pushing through?

Join Tom, Ryan, and Matt for a topic Matt’s been wanting to do for quite some time. We share our journeys with physical fitness from middle school to today, including how we’re faring amidst this coronavirus pandemic. We talk about working out in community and our motivations for working out our bodies: is it all in the name of self-care, or are there other motivations at play? How does physical fitness translate to other areas of our lives, including loving our neighbor?

We hope you enjoy the episode! (Do a few burpees every time Matt or Ryan groans about burpees…)


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What’s your relationship been with physical fitness, both past and present? What motivates (or un-motivates) you from a regular physical fitness regimen? Where’s the line between self-care and self-centered motivations with physical fitness?

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