MANLY MONDAY returns after a month’s hiatus! Join me as I tackle the question (that used to be) on everybody’s (or a vocal few’s) minds (or not): is YOB going a new direction?!

What do you think of YOB’s “new direction”? Are you over the phrase? Ready for some new — and same old — journeys ahead?

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  • YES. This makes me so happy. I haven’t had any issues with YOB, but literally this last week after joining the Facebook group and just being so reminded of my faults I couldn’t cuz shake the feeling, “I’m so much more than this! And so is everyone else!” We are not defined by our flaws. We’re defined by our Abba. His presence in our lives deserves all our focus because His love is greater than any struggle. I’m really looking forward to hearing more discussions about faith, still recognizing our flaws, but moving to other aspects of life as well. Cuz once you can get past those is when I feel like true community takes root.

  • Tom,
    You said you would not be writing for YOB if you did not follow Jesus. Like you, I would not be here writing either if it were not for what Jesus Christ has done to change my heart so that I can follow Him. I am convinced I would literally be dead.
    As you probably know, I was 22 years old when HIV was first discovered. At the time I had been deliberately choosing to deny myself sex with guys because I was following Jesus. No one knew there was a fatal STD being spread by gay sex. Many gay guys were unknowingly infected and died before there was any effective treatment. I believe I would have been one of them if I had not been following Jesus.

  • I’ve been following your blog from a distance, kind of wary about getting involved, kind of wondering what you guys are all about. This is actually the first video of YOB I’ve watched (I’m not a video guy… more of a written word guy). But I’m glad I watched it, and I was finally motivated to set up a Discus account so I could comment. This video let me know that you guys are OK, that you are heading in the right direction, and that Jesus is what it’s all about. Thank you for making that clear!

    • Glad this video could clear things up for you, Dave, and beckon you from the shadows. Welcome to the wonderful world of Disqus! Hopefully your comments don’t get eaten by the Disqus Monster who tends to make an appearance every 6-8 months.

    • Welcome to the dreaded COMMENTS SECTION! I never thought I’d hang around in comments sections on the Internet, but here we are.

  • I was really glad to hear this. Navigating Faith has not been as highlighted in the past (not because the other podcast episodes or discussions weren’t good or necessary); that is just a statement of fact, not a judgment call. I am glad to hear there will be more intentionality in this wing of our slogan. Perhaps there are even some new voices who could contribute to writing about this aspect; many here are very gifted in writing about the approach to culture (not that they are mutually exclusive).

  • When are we getting “EVEN THE SPARRO FINDS A HO” tank tops??
    Yes, to answer your question, I’m over the phrase, and I don’t think I was exposed to it much? I think it’s true in some senses, but I’m ready to move on.
    I liked what you said about us not being bound by our sexual orientation but by our trust and faith in Jesus. Frankly I don’t have time for a community where we just share deep dark secrets and call each other brother a bunch. Like, there’s nothing wrong with those things and it’s fun for a little bit, but what’s the trajectory? “You are not alone.” Awesome! So now what? What does that empower me to do? For me, YOB is worthwhile to the extent that it’s connected to God’s kingdom being established in this world. I’d rather be running to something than from something.

  • Thanks for all your work! Lately, I haven’t been up to commenting much on any forum I visit…but I’m still around and appreciative for YOB!

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